Honors Awards Section


Fellow Member,   Wisconsin Area Camera Club Organization -----FellowWACCO

Awarded for superior leadership in operation of WACCO, such as a minimum of five years in any elective offices, committees, or combinations. For achieving substantial and outstanding recognition in the field of photography through WACCO activities for a minimum of five years by lecturing, presenting programs, teaching, judging, writing, and administration activities. 


HonorMember,  Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization -----HonWACCO

Awarded to those that have performed exceptional service to WACCO for a minimum of 10 years and have substantially advanced photography through lecturing, teaching, judging, presenting programs, and other administrative activities.


Candidate Selection

The Awards Committee will select the candidates to be considered by the Board for either the Fellow or Honor awards. The Awards committee will fill out the applications for those selected for honors. The completed applications will be forwarded to the board. The board will then either approve or reject the application.

When filling out the application the committee will be looking for the individual’s years of service to WACCO, and for their photographic contributions to other organizations and the community.   


In a short cover letter accompanying the proposal, list the candidate’s most outstanding accomplishments.  


Honor Award Application