A Photography Seminar

John Gerlach

March 7, 2020 - Saturday -  9 AM to 5 PM
Alverno College - Bucyrus Conference Center - Milwaukee
3400 S. 43rd Street, Milwaukee, WI  53129


John earned his wildlife ecology degree from Central Michigan University in 1977. After graduation, he followed his burning passion to become a professional nature photographer and photo educator. With his in-depth science background, and dedication to nature photography, he quickly mastered close-up, landscape and wildlife photography.

John is a dynamic public speaker. His burning enthusiasm for photography and willingness to share his knowledge makes him an inspirational photography instructor. Over forty years, John has taught hundreds of field workshops and one-day seminars. John leads several winter photo tours of Yellowstone National Park and has led forty photo tours to Kenya’s best game parks - Samburu, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara. Since 1986, John has taught his in-depth photo workshops near Munising, MI during August and fall color in October.

John is an expert at photographing hummingbirds with natural light and multiple flash. An innovator in outdoor flash photography, John pioneered many new methods to light close-ups and landscapes. John also teaches week-long intensive photo workshops in Great Smoky Mountain National Park with the Smoky Mountain School of Photography. And if this schedule isn’t enough, John is a published author with six best-selling books about nature photography, writes a column for Nature Photographer magazine, and now works as a contributing writer for Canon cameras and field tests their equipment!


9:00 AM Wildlife Photography Strategies

What you will learn:

  • The Best Exposure methods

  • The Power of manual A & S, ISO Auto, and EC

  • How to achieve critical focus

  • AF Microadjustments

  • Composing wildlife

  • Approaching wildlife

  • Techniques for sharp images

10:30 AM Equipment for Outdoor Photographers

What you will learn:

  • Key features your DSLR must have

  • Back-button focusing advantages

  • Why the lens hood is crucial

  • The best lenses, when and how to use them

  • The 3 ways to obtain a super-telephoto lens

  • The 3 key factors for shooting sharp images with long lenses

  • Why tripods are the key to quality and pleasing compositions

  • Tripod choices and use

  • The optimum tripod heads for outdoor photographers

  • The best quick release mechanisms for tripod use

  • Photo bags that are ideal for field use

  • Blinds for bird and mammal photography

Noon -- Lunch Break (1 hour)

1:00 PM Quality Close-ups in Nature

What you will learn:

  • How to photograph wildflowers, insects, dew and butterflies

  • How to shoot super close-ups with ambient light and flash

  • How and why to mix flash with ambient light

  • What a close-up is and where macro begins

  • Macro lens choices-which is best?

  • The 3 reasons to use long focal length macro lenses

  • The 3 ways to make the lens focus closer

  • Why working distance and the angle of view is critical

  • How to use a zoom lens for macro

  • The 2 keys to maximizing the depth of field

  • How to use extension tubes and close-up filters

  • Why Plamps are essential

  • The 2 reasons to use live view in close-up photography

  • The key to using fill, main and balanced flash effectively

  • Focus stacking for the ultimate in depth of field and sharpness

2:00 PM Composition

What you will learn:

  • Develop your compositional vision

  • Don’t be a slave to manipulation

  • Advantages of handheld composition

  • Go with the flow

  • Create dramatic foregrounds

  • Picture elements to include or eliminate

  • How big should the subject be in the image

  • Take advantage of reflections and gray skies

  • Shooting fast action

  • What is a portrait

  • Isolate pleasing patterns

  • Vertical or horizontal compositions

  • Selective focus, blurs, and pans

  • Master the background

  • The power of perspective

  • Rule of thirds

  • How digital capture modifies some compositional ideas

3:00 PM Landscape Photography

What you will learn:

  • Landscapes are everywhere

  • Choosing and Using Lenses

  • Mastering Exposure

  • Techniques for Sharp Images

  • Light on the Landscape

  • Lighting the landscape with balanced flash

  • High Dynamic Range Images

  • Panoramas

There will be breaks between sessions so that you may visit with our vendors.

Seminar Information

Alverno College - Bucyrus Conference Center - (3400 S. 43rd Street, Milwaukee, WI  53129)
Lunch is on your own, there is a cafeteria located in the center.
Doors will open at 8:15 AM
Refunds will be given up to 30 days before the seminar, but there will be a $4.00 service charge


$50.00 Early Registration for the Seminar (Lunch on your own) before 2/5/20
$75.00 General Admission for the Seminar  (Lunch on your own) from 2/5/20 till 3/7/20

To Register online click this link or the button below, click the Register by mail to download the brochure and mail in your check. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/john-gerlach-seminar-tickets-65853855655?ref=estw

Chicago City Afternoon
Night Photography

September 7, 2019 - Saturday

Noon to Midnight

Sold Out - to be put on wait list go to the ticket page by clicking on the button below, click ticket and you can leave your info there.

WACCO is offering a photo outing in downtown Chicago, led by Out of Chicago Photography. They will be providing staff members to coordinate our photography shooting locations.

The following agenda is included in this trip but may change depending on the weather or conditions.

  • 11:30 am to Noon – Check in at Park and Ride: I-94 and College Avenue Lot #8092, we will depart by bus at noon returning at midnight. You may bring a lunch/snack to eat on the bus ride

  • 2:30 - 4:15 pm – Architecture walk around the Chicago River, and the Wrigley Building Area

  • 4:15 – 4:30 – Walk to Millennium Park, eating dinner along the way

  • 4:30 – 5:30 pm – Dinner on your own, the cost of Dinner is not included in the ticket price. There are several places to eat along the way to Millennium Park

  • 6:00 - 8:00 pm – Millennium Park

  • 8:15 – 9:15 pm – Buckingham Fountain

  • 9:30 - 10:15 pm –  Adler Planetarium for Skyline

  • 10:30 pm – Return to Milwaukee Park and Ride

What to bring: Camera, Tripod, Cable Release, Wide angle lens, Standard Zoom lens, ND Filter if you have one and want to try long exposure.

The cost of this program is $75 per person, which includes the cost of the bus, and the Out of Chicago Photography fees (no meals provided). This program will be limited to the first 40 persons who register. The payment for this program will be non-refundable due to the cost of the bus, and we will be going rain or shine.

Registration will be open to WACCO Club members only from May 5 to May 31, 2019. Starting on June 1, it will be open to anyone, if there are seats available.

This trip will involve long walks, and you will need to be able to keep up with other participants.  We will use the bus for longer commutes between locations.

Past Programs

A Photography Seminar and Workshop

Colleen Miniuk–Sperry

March 2, 2019 - Saturday -  9 AM to 4 PM

Ingelside Hotel – Pewaukee

Our speaker is Colleen Miniuk–Sperry, she will be presenting an all day seminar, with an optional Workshop on Sunday. The topics she will be talking about are:

  • Finding Your Creative voice

  • Composition: No More Rules!

  • Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography

  • Ebb and Flow: Riding The Waves of Creative Energy

Finding Your Creative Voice

While an Artist-in-Residence at Acadia National Park in winter 2013, Colleen felt the same sense of awe she had experienced on countless days before. But while photographing sunrise along the coast, she knew something had changed. Her process had become routine, her photographs safe, and her photographic "voice" quiet.

 It's easy to succumb to habi tand boredom .It's even easier to default to photographing the iconic scenes-ones that no doubt offer striking beauty, but often lead to a repeatable, documentary photo "everyone" else has. How do we depart from our habits and the popular to find and nurture our own persona lcreative expression?

 Using Colleen's insights from her exciting artistic transformation during her three artist- in-residencies and 450+ days in Acadia, she'll share how she changed from a photographer who likes to tak epretty pictures into a visual artist who makes personally meaningful visual expressions. She’ll share specific ways to tap into your individuality, collect new ideas and knowledge, and connect with the landscape in fresh ways. Learn how to rely less on your external surroundings to provide the creative “juice” and how to incorporate your own voice to every subject and scene.

Composition: No More Rules!

Anyone who has spent even a little time dabbling in photography has likely heard about the many “rules” of composition. And the emphasis on such topic is for good reason, for how a photographer arranges the visual elements within the frame directly affects how viewers perceive his or her photograph.

But often times photographers spend much time forcing their scenes to fit the rules (which yields technically “perfect” but perhaps boring photographs) rather than arranging the subject matter based on emotional responses and human perceptions.

This insightful and educational presentation goes beyond reviewing the predominant composition rules and shares how we can leverage the reasoning behind human perception (not rules!) to help elicit specific responses from our viewers. Hear how people respond to subject matter placement, visual weight, the use of different types of lines, and other elements of visual language to help us arrange our scenes to communicate our unique messages more emotionally and effectively with our audiences.

Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography

Are you seeing the light with your photography? How a photographer utilizes and records light in an image can make the difference between an effective shot and one headed for the trash!

Hear how to create the illusion of shape using the light’s direction, predict the changing color and quality of light throughout the day, and record unique photographs during varying types of weather patterns like rainbows, the Earth's shadow, and fog. By understanding the behavior of natural light, you can take your photographs to the next l evel without pressing any buttons on your camera!

Ebb and Flow: Riding the Waves of Creative Energy

Famous psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi suggests in his research that people are happiest when they experience blissful mental state of “flow” where they are “completely involved in an activity for its ownsake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz.”

 No doubt, it’s a nrvana state for artists. But what happens when peaceful waters turn into turbulent rapids? When we feel stuck or uninspired, how do we get our selves into this heavenly zone with our photography? And once we get there, how do we make it last? Is it even realistic to believe we would or could sit in this state all—or even just some—of the time?

 Colleen will share a personal story of how her life and photography started ebbing unexpectedly in 2015 and the adventure she had in returning to the flow in October 2017.You’ll hear specific ways to achieve this joyous state in your work and your life — and how to embrace the struggles, release expectations and judgments, and redirect your creative energies to generate new inspiration when waves beckon. By understanding and applying the Experience Fluctuation Model, autotelic personality, divergent thinking, and Zen philosophies like “shoshin” and “mushin,” you’ll be ready to keep your paddle “all in” through the waves within the creative process.

Workshop – Sold Out

The Optional Workshop will be on: The Art of Seeing Differently. It will be held at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Sunday March 3, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The workshop will be limited to the first 20 people to sign up.

The Art of Seeing Differently

Are you tired of photographing iconic scenes or the same thing over and over again? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your photography?Are you looking for new ideas to take your photography to the next level? If so, join Colleen for a three-hour creative jolt during this insightful post-seminar workshop.

 To kick off the three-hour session, Colleen will provide a quick review of the creative process, where new ideas come from, mindfulness, and visual language. Afterwards, you’l lput these techniques to practice in the field as Colleen guides you through an interactive exercise aimed at stimulating the analytica land creative parts of your brain. 

During this workshop, participants will specifically learn how to:

1.     Observe a scene using mindfulness

2.     Develop a sensory inventory based on individual knowledge, passions, and insights

3.     Connect verbal language with visual language to refine your vision

4.     Visualize and refine compositions based on human perceptions

5. Critique their work to ensure their vision comes to fruition

Seminar Registration – March 2, 2019 (All Day)

$49.00 Early Registration for the Seminar (Includes Lunch) before 2/5/19. After 2/5/19 till 3/1/19 it will be $69.00 (Includes Lunch)

Workshop Registration – March 3, 2019 (3 hours) Sold Out
Limit of 20 attendees

  $30.00 Early Registration for the Workshop before 2/5/19. After 2/5/19 till 3/1/19 it will be 49.00

Download brochure to mail in you check.

To Register online goto: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/colleen-miniuk-sperry-seminar-and-workshop-tickets-50713730132

About Colleen

Hi! My name is Colleen Miniuk-Sperry (pronounced “Min-ick-Spare-ee”).

 I’m a Corporate-America-escapee-turned-full-time-freelance-outdoor-photographer-and-writer, supporting a wide range of assignments for editorial and commercial clients. Specializing in nature and outdoor recreation, my purpose as an outdoor communicator is to inspire and help others enjoy the Great Outdoors.

 My work has been published in National Geographic calendars, Arizona Highways magazine, books, and calendars, Outdoor Photographer, AAA Highroads, AAA VIA, Extraordinary Vision, National Parks Traveler, Smith-Southwestern calendars, and a broad variety of other publications.

See her website: http://cms-photo.com/about.html for more information on Colleen.

A Photography Workshop

Birds of Prey


September 8, 2018 - Saturday -  9 AM to Noon

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center


During this workshop, we will be photographing approximately 14 different birds of prey including a Bald Eagle, Snowy Owl, and Great Horned Owl (birds subject to change without notice).  Several birds at a time will be posed outside in selected natural settings in an open field or in trees to more closely resemble their natural environments.  The bird handlers will introduce different birds about every hour and reposition them to give you the opportunity to photograph them in the different settings.   We will also have the chance to photograph a Harris Hawk in flight.  There will be people available at each station to help if you have any questions about photographing the birds.  All of the birds in the workshop will be provided by the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.

The fee for the workshop is :
$49.00 by August 18, 2018
$69.00 after August 19, 2018 till 9/7/18
Registration will be closed on September 7th.
No walk ins please.


Location Schlitz.jpg


The location of this workshop will be at:

 Schlitz Audubon Nature Center 

1111 E. Brown Deer Rd. - Milwaukee, WI 53217

(414) 352-2880 (for directions)

They are located on the shores of Lake Michigan, east of Lake Drive and about 1 mile east of I-43. They are 15 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee.

A Photography Seminar by Roman Kurywczak
Sponsored by SIGMA




Saturday – March 3th, 2018 – Seminar – 9   AM to 4 PM

Sunday – March 4th, 2018 – Workshop – 10AM to Noon

Country Springs Hotel
2810 Golf Road
Pewaukee, WI53072


Roman Kurywczak is a professional nature photographer for over 15 years who conducts lectures and workshops across the globe. His boutique tour company, Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours, caters to small groups to provide the ultimate learning experience for participants. Whether    he is out in Tanzania or standing before a roaring waterfall in Iceland, Roman’s energy and passion for nature photography are clearly evident. You can often find him out in Arches or Yellowstone national park late at night photographing the nighttime landscapes and calling it fun! Closer to home, Roman will spend countless hours doing macro photography. While he enjoys photographing insects, his favorite subject is flowers, which he buys for his wife and he is sticking to that story. Roman is equally comfortable photographing landscapes, macro subjects, and wildlife whether he is at some exotic location or close to home.


His down to earth and easy to follow teaching style make him a highly sought after lecturer. He has given countless lectures and workshops across the country. The author of several instructional eBooks on nature photography, Roman strives to share his passion for photography as others have shared with him. He lives in NJ and is married with two sons.


A proud member of the Sigma Pro team, you can find his galleries, blog, tour schedule, and more on his website: www.roaminwithroman.com


Seminar Information


Fast Glass for Night Photography

This educational how-to program is designed to open up your eyes to the possibility of photographing landscapes after dark. Whether it is the natural landscape with the star filled sky as a backdrop or even venturing out to photograph the landscapes or city lights from a helicopter, Sigma Pro Roman Kurywczak will cover everything from equipment, camera settings, tips, and techniques so participants can create stunning night images of their own. He will discuss “light painting” of a foreground subject as well as overcoming obstacles when the conditions are less than ideal. His e-book on the subject; “A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky” was released in Feb. 2011 and is available as a download on his website: www.roaminwithroman.com

Photographing Wildlife – from Portraits to Action


This exciting educational program will cover everything you will need to know about photographing wildlife in the field. The photographic journey will cover exotic locations such as Tanzania but also include many tips for photographing wildlife closer to home in some unexpected places. Minimum gear requirements will be discussed for both the safety of the wildlife and the photographer as well as some exciting newer options. Camera settings will be covered including what mode to use as well    as choosing the right ISO for wildlife portrait work as well as action photography. There will be plenty of images examples showing how those settings will provide impact to your images. The program concludes with an in depth segment on photographing birds in flight.

Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level

This in-depth Q&A macro photography seminar will show you the technical tips and tricks needed to take your macro photography to the next level! Many people are comfortable with creating shallow focus macro images but I will show you how to achieve consistently sharp images with maximum depth of field all in a single frame!!! Topics covered will range from gear to specific settings for you to maximize your time spent out in the field. Overcoming distracting backgrounds will be discussed in depth with photographic examples showing you how easy they are to overcome. The use of natural light will be covered but a heavy emphasis will be placed on using flash correctly in the field to properly balance the exposure and achieve dramatic results. We will look at some frequently used tricks by the pros that you can easily apply in the field to quickly improve your macro skills. Many of these tips and tricks are inexpensive and can be done using the gear you already own! During the entire lecture you can ask questions to ensure that you go home with a better understanding of all the topics covered in the program and create tack sharp macro images of your very own.


In February, 2014, he released his e-book on macro photography: “Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level”.

For the Love of Landscapes

Join Sigma Pro Roman on this inspirational journey showcasing the magic of the landscapes near and far. Roman will provide you with tips, settings, techniques, as well as necessary gear for capturing stunning images of your very own.  Questions are encouraged throughout the lecture.

Tickets for the Seminar are $45 for early registration (till 2/5/18) includes Lunch

General Admission is $65 from 2/6/18 till 3/2/18 includes Lunch


Sunday Macro Workshop – March 4, 2018

10 AM to Noon

Country Springs Hotel

Work with Roman to learn how to create beautiful macro photos. We will have various items to phtograph. Bring your camera, closeup equipment and tripod with you to this 2 hour workshop. Sigma will also be there to provide some loaner equipment. This is a great time to perfect your macro skills.


The fee for the workshop is $30 (for early registration).

This workshop is limited to 15 people.


Chicago City Afternoon & Night Photography


September 9, 2017

1:00 PM – Midnight


WACCO is offering a photo outing in downtown Chicago, led by Out of Chicago. They will be providing 3 staff members to coordinate our photography shooting locations. The following agenda is included in this trip, but may change depending on the weather or conditions.

1:00 pm – Pickup at Park and Ride: I-94 and College Avenue – Lot #8092

2:30 - 4:30 pm – Architecture walk around the loop.

4:45 - 6:15 pm – Dinner on your own, the cost of Dinner is not included in the ticket price. We will have a place chosen by Out of Chicago.

6:30 - 7:15 pm – 18th St. Bridge for Blue Hour / Sunset

7:30 - 8:00 pm – Adler Planetarium for Skyline

8:15 - 9:30 pm – Millennium Park: The Bean, Pritzker Pavilion, Crown Fountain

9:45 - 10:30 pm – Buckingham Fountain

A bus will pick us up at the Park and Ride at I-94 and College Ave. (lot #8092) at 1:00 pm and bring us back around Midnight. You can bring a lunch along to eat on the bus ride to Chicago. What to bring: Camera, Tripod, Wide angle lens, Standard Zoom lens, ND Filter if you have one and want to try long exposure.

The cost of this program is $60 per person, which includes the cost of the bus, and the Out of Chicago fees (no meals provided). This program will be limited to the first 40 persons who register. The payment for this program will be non-refundable due to the cost of the bus, and we will be going rain or shine. Signup is open till August 1st, 2017, we will not accept reservations after that time. This trip will involve walking. We will use the bus for longer commutes between locations.

You can download the brochure and mail in your registration, or use our online registration.













































Photography Seminar

Ian Plant – Wide Angle Landscapes

March 4, 2017 – Saturday – 9 AM to 4 PM

Country Springs Hotel

2810 Golf Road

Pewaukee, WI 53072


World-renowned professional photographer Ian Plant is a frequent contributor to leading photo magazines including Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, and Landscape Photography Magazine, Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide, and a Tamron Image Master. Ian is also the author of numerous books and instructional videos. Ian leads photography workshops and tours around the world to help beginner and advanced photographers explore and expand their personal vision. You can see his work at http://www.ianplant.com

Seminar Information

Ultra-wide and landscape photography are made for each other. Some people might find this counterintuitive—after all, ultra-wide angles of view can make stunning landscape features, like huge mountains, look very small—but if you learn to use your ultra-wide the right way, you’ll be able to create some truly unorthodox perspectives. In this seminar, pro photographer Ian Plant will draw lessons from his newest ebook “The Ultra-Wide Landscape,” teaching you exactly how to use your wide angle lens to create compelling and unique landscape photos.You’ll learn both the technical and artistic considerations unique to ultra-wide landscape photography, including composition, dealing with the distortion inherent to wide-angle lens designs, and techniques for ensuring sharp near/far focus every time. Ian will also demonstrate digital darkroom techniques useful for ultra-wide landscape photography including focus stacking, exposure blending, and distortion correction. You’ll be out taking amazing ultra-wide landscape photos in no time.


$45.00 per person includes lunch for Early Registration ( Now till before 2/5/17 )

$65.00 per person includes lunch for General Admission (From 2/6/17 till 3/4/17 )

To order tickets click button below:



A Photography Workshop

Birds of Prey

September 24, 2016 - Saturday - 9 AM to Noon

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

During this workshop, we will be photographing approximately 14 different birds of prey including a Bald Eagle, Snowy Owl, and Great Horned Owl. Several birds at a time will be posed outside in selected natural settings in an open field or in trees to more closely resemble their natural environments. The bird handlers will introduce different birds about every hour and reposition them to give you the opportunity to photograph them in the different settings. We will also have the chance to photograph a Harris Hawk in flight. There will be people available at each station to help if you have any questions about photographing the birds. All of the birds in the workshop will be provided by the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.

Price for the Saturday Seminar (limit of 55 persons) is: 

$45.00 by September 1, 2016

$60.00 after September 1, 2016 after till 9/19/14

Registration will be closed on September 19th, 2016. No Walk ins Please.

To register online please go to: 


Download the brochure to mail in your order or reserve online using above link.

The location of this workshop will be at: 

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center 

1111 E. Brown Deer Rd. - Milwaukee, WI 53217

(414) 352-2880 (for directions)

They are located on the shores of Lake Michigan, east of Lake Drive and about 1 mile east of I-43. They are 15 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee.

Creating Art With Macro

Mike Moats

March 5th, 2016 - Saturday

9:00 AM to 2:30 PM Seminar (Includes Lunch)

3:30 PM to 5:30 PM Workshop

Midway Hotel and Suites, Brookfield

Mike Moats is a pro macro photographer from Michigan. His articles and images have been published in Outdoor Photographer, Natures Best, Nature Photographer, Photolife, PC Photo, NANPA’s Expressions Books, and many more. He has written several how-to macro and photo business eBooks. Mike’s images have won local and international awards. He is a member of Tamron’s Master Image Makers, and was a member of the Fuji Pro Talent Team. Mike offers three day Macro Boot Camps all across the USA.

Creating Art With Macro

 Close-up Photography For All Photographers

Learn close-up photography with the equipment you already have

The Best, Cameras / Lenses / Tripods / Heads / Accessories. 

Controlling light with diffusers and reflectors, and LED lights / working with natural lighting 

Camera functions for Macro 

How to control depth of field with f/stops 


Learn how to compose properly / finding character in nature / elements of design / textures 

contrast / lines / light / visual weight / learning to work camera angles for blurred backgrounds / Two Subject Compositions / What not to do when composing. 

Finding Subjects 

Learn when, where, and how when looking for subjects through out the four seasons. 

How to shoot macro indoors. 


Adam Jones Seminar

Saturday - March 21, 2015 from 9 AM to 1 PM at the Mequon Nature Preserve

This internationally recognized photographer explores the world through his nature, travel, and wildlife images. Jones’s award-winning photography is widely published in magazines, posters, calendars, books, and in national advertising campaigns for clients such as Canon, Ford, Eddie Bauer, Miller Beer and Honda. 

Adam is recognized world wide as an outstanding stock photographer with his images represented by Getty Images, Corbis, Visuals Unlimited, Photo Researchers, and Danita Delimont Stock Photography. His work has sold for editorial and commercial uses in over 30 countries. 

In early 2006, Adam was selected to be one of Canon USA’s elite group of acclaimed photographers, “The Explorers of Light”. Canon describes the Explorer of Light program as such: The Explorers of Light program is a group of 50 of the World’s best photographers united in their love and passion for photographic excellence. They share a common desire to contribute back to the industry with a willingness to share their vision and passion with others.

His talk will cover workflow, especially regarding learning to recognize the potential of your raw captures. He will also cover macro techniques, wildlife, compostiton and travel strategies, HDR that looks photorealistic, image stacking and working with flash indoors and out.

Cost for the seminar is $8.00 for early registration (now till February28th) 

                                       $12 for general admission

Download Brochure here

Birds of Prey Photo Workshop

Saturday - September 20, 2014 9 AM to Noon at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

We will photograph birds of prey including a bald eagle, snowy owl, great horned owl. The birds are controlled by a handler and will be posed outside in natural settings in an open field or in trees. We will have different stations for you to photograph the birds and a person to help if you have questions while photographing the different birds. The birds will be repositioned about every hour to give you an opportunity to photograph each bird. We will have approximately 14 different birds rotated through the stations, featuring a country background to make the birds appear to be in their natural environment. We will also be able to photograph a harris hawk in flight. The birds will be provided by Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.

Joe LeFevre Nature Seminar

Joe LeFevre is a landscape photographer from upstate New York. He began photographing in 1978, taking an 11-week trip to the great western national parks. Joe’s work has received international recognition, including a recent first place finish in the Wild Lands category in the Defenders of Wildlife photography contest. In 2011 Joe was awarded one of four first place prizes in the Share the View international nature photography contest sponsored by the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, and in 2010 he was chosen as a Highly Honored Photographer in the prestigious Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards competition. His work has appeared in Nature’s Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer, and Photography Monthly (UK) magazines, and in numerous regional publications, including Adirondack Life magazine and wall calendars. As a popular convention speaker, Joe has taught and inspired thousands of people throughout the United States with his beautiful imagery. He is a staff instructor at the Adirondack Photography Institute (www.adkpi.org), which offers photographic workshops and tours throughout the spectacular Adirondack region of upstate New York, and in other select locations in the northeast. Joe and his wife Linda have three grown children and live in Oswego, NY. His website is: www.joelefevrephoto.com

Dan Anderson

Great Images: From Capture

to Process to Final Print

The follwing topics will be discussed

  • What makes an image great.

  • How to best capture the image.

  • How to use software to refine the image.

  • How to process a black and white image.

  • The final print.

Daniel Anderson is a photographer whose ongoing personal work is primarily dedicated to the landscape in its many forms. For years he concentrated on the 8 x 10 view camera and techniques and methods perfected over years of hand processing and printing to create black and white images of exquisite artistry and sensitivity. Over the last decade, he has transitioned to a high end digital approach to image capture and printing resulting in more control over the photographic process. He has photographed widely throughout the American West, Greece, Iceland, Italy, England, Scotland and Ireland. His work is primarily concerned with the natural scene and his camera has captured both the high drama of storms and vast panoramas as well as the delicacy of the intimate detail of the American Landscape. His work also includes a series of images of European Cathedrals and Abbeys and a series of Wisconsin barn interiors. His work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and Europe in numerous one-man exhibits and group shows. His work is included in many public and private collections. He currently has gallery representation in Ellison Bay and Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. He has written articles for Photo Techniques Magazine and other publications. Dan has studied with Ansel Adams and other contemporary masters of photography. He has been an active teacher in photography, participating in many workshops throughout the United States. As founder of Wisconsin’s Door County Creative Photography Workshops, Dan has offered darkroom printing and other workshops to hundreds of students since 1984. In 2004, he began offering workshops in fine art digital printing. He is also on the faculty of Door County’s Peninsula Art School and has served as a consultant and product beta-tester for several photographic paper companies.

Fuzzy Duenkel Portrait Seminar


Photographers must have a firm grasp on creative, versatile and precise portrait lighting as the one constant in the ever-changing field of photography and the never-ending avalanche of competition.

Fuzzy’s program focuses on vitally important basics and advanced nuances of many indoor, outdoor, ambient and artificial lighting techniques.


In 1975, Fuzzy and Shirley Duenkel of West Bend, Wisconsin started their “mom and pop” business, as many photographers do, when a friend asked Fuzzy to photograph her wedding. In 1996, the Duenkels dropped weddings to concentrate solely on

portraits. Fuzzy’s business evolved into mostly a specialty studio with under 100 total sessions per year. While they photograph babies, children, families, couples and glamour, high school seniors are his favorite. Seniors are his easiest subjects since

they require little space (unlike families), hold still (unlike kids), do what they’re told (unlike babies), understand English (unlike pets), and will give him as much time as he needs (unlike weddings). Fuzzy practically insists on working on location with each

session. Fuzzy feels his specialty is his total comfort with creating portraits in clients’ homes, especially if he has never been there before. His goal is to make a variety of images that don’t necessarily look like they were done in the clients’ bedrooms, garages, or hallways… even though they were!



Fuzzy started entering prints in Wisconsin PPA competition in 1993. In that and subsequent competitions he’s entered, Fuzzy was awarded four Fuji Masterpiece Awards, earned top awards for the Wisconsin PPA senior folio competition twelve times; was Wisconsin’s Photographer of the Year twice; won Senior Photographer’s International folio competitions five times; Senior Portrait Artists’ Photographer of the Year, had 29 prints selected for National Traveling Loan Collection, two for Disney’s Epcot Center, one for Photokina in Germany, one for the International Hall of Fame and Museum in Oklahoma, in addition to numerous other awards and accolades.