History of WACCO

On August 20, 1982, an organizational meeting was held at the home of Ruth Jaster in Racine, Wisconsin. Present were Bob Schaap, Ruth Jaster, Taylor Mackey, Lee and Joni Agnew and Frank Schulte. The purpose of this meeting was to establish an organization uniting the camera clubs of Southeast Wisconsin. It would encourage and promote photography through the sharing of knowledge and experience. The name proposed was Wisconsin Council of Camera Clubs. 

WACCO The Early Years

In the beginning, like all fledgling groups, WACCO had its share of problems while establishing itself.  Forming new opportunities helped participants get to know each other. The process of attracting members, conducting competitions, planning outings and programs allowed the team to resolve their differences.  Often disagreements and conflict arose until participants learned to trust each other’s judgments and to work effectively as a team. Formulating By-Laws and Operational Procedures for officers and committees, writing the rules for competitions, deciding on awards was difficult.  Through struggle and growth, successful developments occurred. WACCO became a positive performing photography organization. 

  • The first interclub competition was planned for November of 1983 at the Holiday Inn, Waukesha. It was hosted by Image Makers Camera Club.
  • In October of 1987 WACCO undertook hosting the PSA Regional Convention, a quote from President Steve Haynes "Well, folks - we did it! And we did ourselves proud. The convention  was a huge success." 
  • On Novmeber 3, 1984 all the member clubs ratified the bylaws.
  • On April 20th, 1985 the bylaws were amended and the competition rules were being created. It was decided to hold an annual Fall competition the first Saturday in November.
  • August 17th 1985 the Operational Procedures for Competition were approved.
  • 1984 Club Roster
    reative Photographers Guild, Image Makers Camera Club, Kenosha Camera Club, Menomonee Falls Camera Club, Milwaukee Camera Club, Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee, Racine Camera Club, Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Camera Club, Western Camera Club
  • January 17, 1989 WACCO was Incorporated.

Officers of WACCO

Year                   President                     Vice President                     Secretary                         Treasurer

1985-1986         Steve Haynes              Bob Schaap                         Lynn Butenhoff                Kathy Braun

1987-1988         Steve Haynes              Harry Richards                     Lynn Butenhoff                 Kathy Braun

1988-1989         Lynn Butenhoff            Bill Rietz                                Renee Keinert                  Sheila Hall

1989-1991          Bill Rietz                       Harvey Eder                         Renee Keinert                  Sheila Hall

1991-1993          Bill Rietz                       Renee Keinert                      Ellen Worzala                   William Turner

1993-1995         Paul Moertl                  Jeffrey Klug                          Ellen Worzala                    Kathy Braun

1995-1997         Jeffrey Klug                 Jerry Robillard                      Mark Mathu                      Kathy Braun

1997-1999         Jerry Robillard             Bob Schaap                         Renee Skiba                      Diane Surendonk

1999-2001         Jerry Robillard             Fred Fritzsche                     Paul Moertl                        Jeffrey Klug

2001-2003        Bob Schaap                Sheila Hall                           Lynne Reiger                      Jeffrey Klug

2003-2005       Bob Schaap                Terry  Jakubaitis                 Kathy Werlein                     Bob Dineen

2005-2007       Terry Jakubaitis          Nancy Greifenhagen         Jean Sommers                   Jeffrey Klug

2007-2009       Terry Jakubaitis          Nancy Greifenhagen         Mary Dumont                     Richard Knisbeck

2009-2011         Jeffrey Klug                Ken Warning                       Mary Dumont                    Richard Knisbeck

2011-2013          Jeffrey Klug                Ken Warning                       Diane Jaeger                    Richard Knisbeck

2013-2015         Ken Warning              Larry Jansen                       Diane Jaeger                     Richard Knisbeck

2015-2017         Ken Warning              Elizabeth Whitcomb           Paul Moertl                         Richard Knisbeck