Next Competition is Saturday, May 6, 2017

Location: DJ Bordini Center, 5 N. Systems Drive - Appleton, WI 54914

Special Themes

 Insects, Reptiles & Amphibians: The insect, reptile, and amphibian theme is restricted to those living creatures that are defined by science as an insect, reptile or amphibian. Common examples include frogs, lizards, bees, butterfly’s, spiders. The list is not complete, however, no mammals, birds, fish, or mounted subjects are allowed in this theme. The subject should be presented in its natural environment and should not be moved to a studio location. 2 

The Nature Division includes all living creatures and plants both wild and domesticated along with all naturally occurring scenes. The Division includes all those subjects be they captive or free. However, the appearance of the “Hand of Man” is still prohibited. The subject should not be moved to a studio environment, but should be depicted in its natural surroundings. Furthermore, no manipulation is allowed except for cropping, exposure adjustments and dust sensor removal. No cloning to add or delete elements to the composition is allowed.

Photojournalism/Sports: Photojournalism images should reflect a newsworthy event and be depicted in an honest and objective manner. The sports image can be of any sporting event, professional, collegiate or amateur including children’s events. Manipulation of these images is allowed only if it does not compromise the original intent of the image. However no elements not originally in the image can be introduced by artificial means.

Rev. 2/2016

1. This competition is open to any member in good standing of a WACCO affiliated camera club(s).

2. Entries that have received a medal (gold, silver or bronze) are not eligible to be entered in future competitions.

3. Entries that have received an Honorable Mention (HM) are not eligible to be entered in the same media (projected or print) divisions in which the HM was won in future competitions. Once an image has received an HM in both projected and print, it is not eligible to be entered in future competitions.

4. An image is eligible to be entered once per competition.

5. Entry fee must accompany all entries. An entry fee is charged for each Division entered.

6. Entrants may have a maximum of three entries in each Division.

7. Being a member of more than one WACCO affiliated club does not entitle the entrant to submit more than three entries in any Division.

8. All divisions, including print divisions, are entered via the uploader on the Competition page of the WACCO website. See Uploader Instructions for detailed instructions.

9. Images must be uploaded and fees paid by midnight of stated deadline. The uploader will automatically shut down at that time and you will not be eligible to participate.

10. Best of Show winner is expected to participate as a judge at the next competition. Best of Show winner is not eligible to participate in the next competition.

11. No responsibility is assumed for loss or damage to entries while in transit or in Committee’s possession. All possible care will be taken to prevent such loss or damage.

12. By submitting images, the entrant permits WACCO to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for display on the WACCO website and for use in the PSA Councils Challenge and/or display in media related to the competitions. The works will not be used in a commercial context.


1. Three judges, as selected by the competition Committee, will be used for judging each competition. During judging each judge will assign a value of from "1" to "5" for each entry shown - the value of "5" being high and the value of "1" being low. The judges will receive WACCO judging procedures prior to the competition, and the procedures will be reviewed with them by the Competition Committee chairperson on the day of competition.

2. To determine the medal winners of each Division, the entries will be assembled according to the score received. If four (4) or more images exist in the top score groups, the placement will be picked from the top score groups. If less than four (4) images exist in the top score group, the next score group(s) will be included to guarantee four (4) or more images from which the medals will be picked. The method of re-judging will be on the "in or out" basis, with the number "1" signifying in and the number "0" signifying out. Any entry receiving three “1”s or two “1”s will be re-judged until the judges have selected their first, second and third place choices.Depending on the scoring system used, "1" and "0" can be replaced with "In" and "Out".

3. From the first place winners in each medium (digital projected and print) a “Best of Projected” and a “Best of Print” will be selected, using the above mentioned “in or out” process.

4. The Best of Projected and Best of Print entries will compete for Best of Show, using the “in or out” process.

5. Monochrome Print is defined as "representations in black & white or in varying tones of only one color.

6. Judges are not permitted to handle prints, nor can they request to have the prints removed from the print box. All prints should be viewed under the light box from a distance of 4ft away.



1. Based on the judges’ initial score, Honorable Mention ribbons will be awarded to the top 20 percent or more of the entrants in each Division. The percentage will be determined by the Competition Chair on the basis of number of images and scores received.

2. Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place (gold, silver and bronze) entries in each division.

3. Judges will determine a Best of Projected from the 1st Place winners of the 6 Projected Divisions. Winner receives an engraved plaque.

4. Judges will determine a Best of Prints from the 1st Place winners of the 8 Print Divisions. Winner receives an engraved plaque.

5. Judges will determine a Best of Show from the Best of Projected and Best of Print images. Winner receives an engraved plaque.


hotographers earn Proficiency Awards in Projected and Print by earning HM's or better. Level I proficiency is earned after 25 HM's or better. Level II proficiency is awarded after 75 HM's or better. Level III, 150 HM's, Level IV 250, Level V 500. Images are combined from theProjected divisions to earn a Proficiency in Projected. Images are combined from the Print divisions to earn a Proficiency in Print.


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